Monday, January 01, 2007

The holidays are OVER!!!!!

Greta and Caroline

Jack and Grandpa Flynn

Jack and Uncle Chris

Great Grandma and Grandpa Adams

We had a great time visiting everyone for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Mom & Dad Flynn were able to spend the night for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We had a fun time visiting and playing games. Mom & Dad Adams made it home from California after visiting with Clay, Alisa, Regan, and Morgan. I hear they had a fun time, except that Dad would have liked to have had Dave at Disney Land to ride the "fun" rides with.

New Year's Eve, Jack got into a bottle of glass cleaner and dumped it out on the living room floor. New Year's Day, he got into the sugar jar and dumped it all over the kitchen table. He's learning to get into stuff, and the girls are hopefully learning to put stuff away! Not very likely, though.

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