Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I'm feeling good about my thriftiness today. I sent the girls off to school with valentines for their classmates, and I didn't spend any money on them. I took some 9X12 envelopes and folded them in half. I hole punched the folded edge and put some folded printer paper inside to create a booklet. We then decorated the front with red, pink, and white paper, fabric, buttons, lace, and ribbons that were left over from other projects.

Of course, Jenny didn't want to give the boys these "cute" valentines, so she bought some Shrek valentines from the store.

I've been thinking of a way to prevent Jack from sucking his thumb. I took Jack's "silky" (a pair of silky pajama bottoms of Jenny's that Jack used to drag around with him wherever he went). I made a thumb template and sewed up the "silky" as a thumb cover. He only complained a little at nap time.

Yesterday I took Jack and Mia with me to the indoor soccer arena. I left Mia in her stroller and Jack on a blanket in front of the portable DVD player. The other kids enjoyed it for a while, too. But it wasn't too long before I looked over, and Jack was stripping down to his diaper. I don't remember how I was entertained before I had kids. Those of you without are really missing out!

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Marni said...

Well, aren't you inventive! Love the thumb protector. :)