Friday, May 16, 2008

We all have our days...

Yesterday I was reminded of a time when Lydia was three or four years old.

We have an electric piano and a Light-Bright toy. (You know the toy with little colored pegs that you push into a device that is covered with black paper.) Well Lydia noticed a little hole on the front of the piano that was the exact size for a Light-Bright peg to fit. This hole just happened to be the jack for head phones. Well, when she put the peg in, the piano thought there were head phones in, and stopped making any noise at all. When I found the peg stuck in the hole I had no idea how to get it out. The peg was stuck tight, so even if I could tip the huge piano over, there was no way it would come out. Then my one brilliant idea of my life struck me. I took the rubber tips off a small bobby-pin. Then I used a lighter and heated the tips until they were red hot. I shoved the hot bobby-pin into the plastic peg, and left it there until the plastic cooled, then pulled out the bobby-pin with the peg stuck to it. I still have the bobby-pin/Light-Bright peg to remind myself on those days when I am feeling like a complete lump of useless goo, that if I just hang on and keep trying I can have great moments.

On another topic, Mia has had a runny nose all week, and I wondered if it was from teething. Sure enough, she has 4 teeth coming in. Poor kid


Marni said...

Now I sooooo know who I can call when I'm staring at something, scratching my head at the looney things my children come up.

Goat Girl said...

I never heard about the light bright peg. That is hilarious!!