Friday, August 18, 2006

Ward Campout

Last Friday night was our ward campout. Jenny, Jack, and I went up early, and Dave and Lydia joined us after Lydia's last game of the Weber County Fair Tournament. We played "Faith Factor."Jenny won her jump-rope competition and I won my "waking up late and getting dressed in a hurry" competition. They also had worm eating, baby food eating, and other fun stuff. After the fun, a thunderstorm came in, so we hurriedly got our beds ready, and pretended to go to bed. The storm passed, so we decided to play games in the pavilion with the "fun" ward members. Saturday morning we got up and played a game of soccer with all the youth in the camp. After the games some kids in the area brought their ponies over and let the little ones sit on them. Then we headed home for a day of rest (much needed after a week off soccer games and camping).


APRIL said...

Sounds like fun!! Did you join in with the worm and baby food eating?

Bob Adams said...

Wow, now there are 2 in the family who are blogging. This is great. I don't comment much, but I read April's, and I'll read yours too.

Good Job

Dad A.

mom said...

I think I would want to be in your race Tanya -- rather than the jumprope, worm eating or all those other things. But it sounds like you all had lots of fun and needed rest.