Friday, September 01, 2006

The Cutest Kid in the West

I don't know how other parents can stand it, because everyone must just be super-jealous of my kids (of whom I am never bored). The only dull moments are when the girls are at school and Jack is asleep. When Jack is awake, he has gotten pretty good at signing at me that he wants to go outside to pick raspberries or play in the water. I'm sure it's funny to watch us. He makes signs and I guess what he's saying (like charades) until I get it right. When I get it right he nods his head up and down with a HUGE grin on his face. I thought I had done great with this signing thing, until two days ago he wagged his finger at me (saying "no"). My only consolation is that he learned to sign yes several weeks ago. It's inevitable that the kids will learn to say "no" and "mine" sooner or later. His other favorite thing to do is watch the "Jack Movie." I recorded all our home videos onto DVD, and Jack liked watching them. So I asked him if he would like to make a movie about Jack. It's only a few minutes, but he likes to watch himself on tv.

Jenny and Lydia are back in school (picture day was yesterday). Jenny is in 5th grade and according to her teacher, she will be learning to be responsible this year. Wow! Is that possible. They are both playing soccer still, the fall season has just started. Jenny has had two games so far (and two wins-things are looking up for her team). She still plays goalie. She and her best friend, KensLee, switch off goalie and defense. Lydia also plays goalie, but she hasn't had any games yet (next week is the first). Her team is looking forward to taking revenge on the Wolfpack (their nemesis) who took first place at Ultimate Indoor during the summer.

I am staying busy with work. I'm still the Webelos Den Leader (with only one Webelo), and I have a fun new calling - I'll let you know when it's official. Dave is the new Scout Master (only two scouts). Wednesday he got to try out his new calling. He took the boys and other leaders to Speed Street (Gocart racing) as a reward for their progress at Scout Camp. That's the kind of calling I like. Handing out rewards without having to do the hard part.

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