Sunday, September 17, 2006


For all of you who read this blog, you will be informed of the secret that Jenny was so bad at keeping. About 2 weeks ago Dave and I told the girls that they are going to have another sibling, but that they aren't to tell anyone for a while. This week, I found out that Jenny immediately told her friends at church, who then told their parents. So much for secrets. Sorry that our entire ward knows our exciting news before family.

We are expecting a baby around the end of April, 2007. We were going to try for 7/7/07, but I jinxed us. In July, Grandma Barker had a "shop for free" where I gave away all my baby girl stuff. In August, I discovered that I am pregnant. If that's not a jinx, I don't know what is. With Jack, I had just given away my maternity clothes at Grandma Barker's "shop for free." So if any of you are having difficulties with conceiving, now you know the secret.

Oh yeah, I've been doing some Family History research that some of you might find interesting. Dad asked me to find information on a Moses Westberry, who is an ancestor of Grandma Flynn's (Opal). He was quite an important preacher in Georgia in the century prior to the Civil War (1805 - 1855). While doing this research, I came across a paper entitled "A Christian Justification of Slavery?"© by Cassandra Miller. It's a very interesting paper on how southern preachers justified the institution of slavery. Moses Westberry is not mentioned in this paper, but his uncle (?), the Rev. Richard Furman is mentioned. There is also a story of an ancestor who was a confederate soldier that was interesting. His name was James Harris.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the second time I've ever been on a blog, and the first time I've ever left a comment on one, so you can feel pretty special.

I am so excited for you guys!! That is such great news! Congratulations!

And by the way, your kids are very cute. Little Jack is just adorable.

Hope you guys are doing well. Love you lots!


ambarwarrior said...

Congratulations! I always tell people not to give away their baby stuff. Almost everyone I know gets pregnant soon after.

I am related to preachers from Georgia in the 19th century too. Interesting stuff.