Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gold & Bronze

We had a great time at the Utah Summer Games. Unfortunately Lydia's team had a couple errors in the semi-final game that resulted in the other team scoring. Besides these two major errors, the Rebels were the obvious best team there. Next time!

Jenny's team barely made it through to the final game with two wins, a loss, and a tie. They had to play for the gold medal against the team they had just lost to. It was an exciting game that went into overtime, and finally to PK's. At the point of the PK's there wasn't even a contest. Jenny's team scored their first three, and the goalie blocked every one of the other team's. It was an exciting finish to a very long and fun week.

Jack and Mia for the most part enjoyed being outside on the pitch all week. As we were cleaning up and leaving the field after the final game, Jack's "little blankie" was lying on the ground. I asked him to pick it up, but he told me he didn't want it. So as far as he knows, the little blankie was left on the field for a baby who needs it more than he does. He wasn't real happy about it at nap time, but maybe he's learned a little about choices and consequences.

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