Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I don't have enough energy to think of a title

Today was one of THOSE days. Of course, that makes two in a row. I think that should be outlawed. The law should be that people are only allowed to have one of THOSE days per week or month, or better yet year. But with Jack and Jack Junior (AKA Mia) around I'm guaranteed two or three a week. Yesterday was a mild one of THOSE days. I lost my keys. I looked everywhere. Including the garbage that had been taken out and the garbage that hadn't been taken out. Why did I check the garbage? Because Mia likes the garbage can. This cool container with a cool lid is just her height and is her favorite place to put almost everything. After two hours of searching, I found it in Dave's night stand drawer (again an item the is just Mia's height with a cool opening.) I only missed one appointment.

This morning, Jack's buddies, Connor and Dallin, came over for a couple hours. I've been painting Jack's room, and I figured the boys would be entertained playing in Mia's room. Jack was thirsty and wanted me to make some Kool-Aid. He found a packet, and he and Connor opened it. What I saw was two funny looking boys spitting what looked like blood out of their mouths. That alone wasn't too much.

Lunch time came. I had just finished painting the window in Jack's room, so..

I'll finish this later.

Ok, enough time has passed that I can finish the story.

So I took a break from painting in Jack's room. I made some sandwiches and sat down with the kids for lunch. I took a book with me and read a book while eating lunch. Mia finished and wanted down, so I let her down. I continued to read my book, enjoying my lunch break. Then I suddenly remembered not putting the lid on the paint can. I sprinted to the bathroom and found Mia playing in the paint. Luckily for me, she had only just begun playing in the paint, and there wasn't too big of a mess. But she was not happy with me when I took her away from it and put her in the sink for a rinse.

A few hours later....

Jack and Connor were playing in the wading pool in the back yard. Jack has been rebeling against the idea of potty training, so when he started to fill his swimming trunks, I wasn't all that surprised. I took him in and cleaned him off. Then went to get a diaper. My mistake was not putting him on the potty while I got the diaper. I came back to a pile on my bedroom floor.

Looking back on this day I realize that events like this happen almost every day. But I usually only get one every day or so. It's tiring to have it happen in such rapid succession. I don't know how mothers with more children keep up the energy to do everything!


Marni Hall said...

I'm waiting for the rest of the story on this one.

Erin's favorite new place to play is the Lazy Susan where I keep all the baking supplies. She thinks it's a great place to snack and explore. I need to write about her escapades there yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, You didn't finish what went on with your!! I'm sure it was just getting interesting.

Tanya said...

Sorry for taking so long to finish the story. It's been crazy around here for the last couple of weeks.