Friday, June 30, 2006

Gardening Blues

Gardening Blues

The peas are all gone. I pulled the plants out of the ground this morning. Dave is very sad. We like having fresh peas. But the raspberries are coming on strong. I get about 3 cups of raspberries every few days, and the girls love to help pick them (Jack helps, too, but he mostly just eats them). Soon the tomatoes will be ripe and we'll be making fresh salsa every couple of days. I guess I'll be planting cucumbers tomorrow. MMmmmmmm..... cucumber and tomato sandwiches for lunch!!!!

Yesterday we all went to the dentist and those of us who are near sighted, went to the eye doctor. What a long day. Jenny got contacts for the first time. And we found out that Lydia does not have any permanent upper lateral incisors (you'll have to look it up and that's why she has not lost any teeth since kindergarten. Jack, of course, is too young for any of that stuff yet, but he definitely has good eyesight, hearing, and 12 teeth. This morning he stole the nectarine out of Dave's lunch while Dave was getting dressed. He ate the entire thing right off the pit.

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APRIL said...

Your peas are done and I just picked my main batch within the last week. They won't last too much longer, especially since they've been wilting.

You guys still have the better garden. My poor raspberry bush (that survived) didn't have any raspberries this year.