Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Weekend

Saturday was the neighborhood 4th of July Breakfast. Lots of food, fun and friends. We were excited the Mom and Dad A. could come with Karin, Adam, Sam, Melanie, and Caroline. Jenny and Lydia rode their bikes in the bike parade, but we didn't decorate them this year (they are too old for that kind of stuff).

After the breakfast, Dave and Dad A. ran all the wiring in the basement, while I organized the food room. I'm getting excited to get the basement finished. We also got the cucumbers planted, along with some carrots and more peas.

Sunday night we had our annual neighborhood "Cul-de-sac of Fire." Dave had fun lighting off his fireworks "from that other state" for the whole neighborhood to see.

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APRIL said...

YIKES!!! You have your peas replanted already. I've been meaning to call the extension service about that (maybe I can avoid the deer getting my plants this year). Maybe from now on I should just ask you....