Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hogle Zoo

Photo Ops at the Zoo

Tuesday we didn't have anything else going, so we headed out to the zoo. We were there early enough to catch all the shows (I don't think I've ever done that before). Jack loved all the animals. Jenny and Lydia loved the Red Pandas - they got to "meet the keeper" for one of the shows.

On a sad note, my Tivo unit died Sunday morning just a couple of hours before the world cup final. All my recordings are gone, and we didn't get to watch the world cup final. Turns out there wasn't much to watch anyway. I like to see more scoring - none of that overtime/penalty kick stuff. So, I lost all 8 episodes of the "Signing Time" that Jack likes so much. Now I have to start all over again. Luckily this week they start over again with the first episode.

We got our replacement DirecTV DVR (not Tivo) unit yesterday. I have to say DirecTV did a horrible thing leaving Tivo. Their new unit is horrible. It doesn't have any of the features that made the service so great. I'm very disappointed. Tivo has spoiled us.

Wednesday through Saturday this week, Jenny and Lydia are playing in the Rampage Classic tournament. They are both playing goalie, and doing a great job. Jenny's last game was this morning, and Lydia's last game is tomorrow, unless they win (which is a very good possibility). If they win, we will play a championship game on Saturday. Of course I will update you with pictures when we get our trophies!!

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APRIL said...

Seeing how cute Jack is makes me anxious to have my own little guy someday!!!