Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Independence Day 2006

North Davis Prep Choir 4th of July Float

Monday night (July 3) Jenny and Lydia sang at the Layton "Voices of Liberty" concert. Our choir of 38 students looked great in their vests and they sounded better than any of the other 4 choirs.

Tuesday Jenny and Lydia were in the Layton City Parade. They had a lot of fun, singing their hearts out to the parade watchers. Jenny got to sit in the back of the truck with Camille because they are the oldest kids. Lydia is sitting on the float close to the front with a red visor. The float was put together by the choir parents. They did a great job!! It's amazing what you can do when you get so many people to work together.

After the parade we had a delicious lunch at Jamie and Marni's - we love Jamie's bar-b-cue!! The kids had so much fun playing with Adam, Sam, Melanie, and Caroline. Then we went home for a much needed nap. (We were up until 11:00 at the concert the night before and up in time to be in the parade)

Before we napped, the weather decided to give us a scare. We had a great thunderstorm with microbursts. The grill was knocked over and all the chairs were blowing away when we ran outside. Dave fought with the grill, while I rounded up all the chairs. We got up from our naps to go to watch the Kaysville fireworks from Chris and Karin's front yard. They have a very nice apartment across the street from DATC.

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