Monday, August 04, 2008

New Ward Boundaries

Last night our stake had a meeting and rearranged all the ward boundaries. Lydia's best friend got put in a different ward. She is very sad.

While Greta and Andrea were at our house, Greta, Jack, and Mia went outside without permission. Mia pushed Jack off the slide (which is on the patio when not being played with.) He fell on the steps and is lucky to have not lost any teeth.

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Marni Hall said...

Sad for Lydia, hopefully the rest will work out good. Possibly some fun new callings on the way?? :) I wish our would just readjust which buildings everyone goes to. Seems very strange not to go to the building right outside the neighborhood, and others that drive to that one drive to the building we drive to. Oh well, I will never be in charge.