Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank goodness for school

Monday morning I took Jenny, Lydia, and Jack to school. I came home, and Mia took a nap. I had such a nice alone time. I was finally able to clean some rooms that really needed special attention (Jenny and Lydia's rooms).

Jack had a great time his first week of pre-school. The first day a girl brought her dinosaur named "Jack" for show-and-tell. The teachers were confused about whose dinosaur it was, and sent it home with Jack (he was wearing a dinosaur shirt and the dinosaur's name was Jack). He was sure excited to get a new dinosaur toy. He wasn't too disappointed when we took it back on Wednesday.

Jenny and Lydia started school in their new building. Lydia's 5th grade isn't considered part of the Junior High, but they have their classes in the same building and get lockers, too!

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