Friday, August 08, 2008

Weber County Fair

Jenny and Lydia both did well in showing the ponies yesterday at the Weber County Fair. Jenny's pony won first place in one class and "Reserve Grand Champion" in another (you'll have to ask her what all that means). Lydia's pony won third place in his class.

The final class was for showmanship. This time it wasn't the ponies being judged, but the girls. Jenny and Lydia were both in the same class. Jenny won first and Lydia won third.

On the sidelines, Jack, Mia, and I had a fun time, too. We walked around the petting zoo (trying to avoid touching any of the animals because they were too scary). Jack had to visit the toilet and I finally convinced him to stand up to do his business. In the ten seconds it took me to lift him up to aim in the toilet Mia disappeared. She ran out of the bathroom, and when I finally found her she was trying to run underneath a clydesdale (the largest breed of horse). Maybe it was so enormous that she couldn't see it, but she had no fear for that giant beast.

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Marni Hall said...

You should have told us! We would have loved to come watch.

Congratulations Jenny and Lydia! Oh, and to the ponies too.